Special Needs Dentistry

We welcome patients with special needs or complex medical histories. Providing quality dental care to patients with special needs is an important part of our work. Our doctors, staff and facility are fully equipped to provide comprehensive dental care to special needs patients.

Advanced Training in Caring for Special Needs Patients

As part of their pediatric training, our dentists have specialized in working with children with a range of unique mental and physical needs. Our staff have real-world experience in providing unique care for special needs patients, making them comfortable and at ease while they receive quality dental care.

We make every effort to accommodate the mental needs of children who require special care. Our doctors take the necessary steps to ensure patients are anxiety-free during their dental care. We Offer a range of anxiety reduction techniques, including behavior management, nitrous oxide sedation, oral sedatives and general anesthesia.

Accommodations for Patients with Special Physical Needs

Our facility is equipped with handicap accessible restrooms and treatment bays. Patient rooms have specialized equipment which help us care for patients with a variety of physical disabilities.

For patients with complex medical histories, conditions or extreme anxiety, we're able to offer several options for sedation and anesthesia. We have operating room privileges at Children's Hospital of Michigan-Troy and we're able to provide care under general anesthesia when needed.

Please feel free to contact us if you'd like to know more about our specific capabilities for caring for special needs patients. Call us at 810-227-9015 or email us at customerservice@crpdg.com.